'Sign High' TV series made by Northland's Tiaho Trust

A television series made by Northland’s Tiaho Trust to build understanding of NZSL and the lives of Deaf people has now been completed.

The series – called Sign High – is for Deaf and hearing people alike. The series has now begun screening on Northland TV and episodes are also available online.

Sign High was produced by the Tiaho Trust after it received $55,000 from the NZSL Fund in 2015 to produce a series of short programmes in NZSL for the Deaf community and their whānau, including those wanting to learn NZSL.

The series aims to bring Deaf people and the community closer together by delivering informative learning into the homes of Deaf and hearing people. 

It shows how one of New Zealand’s three official languages – NZSL – is used, learned and how vital it is to enable the Deaf community to access interpreting services when visiting their GP, the courts; what it’s like growing up Deaf, Deaf parenting, playing sports and more.

The programme is presented by Deaf people in the Northland community. Each episode includes an interview with a local person or business and teaches some NZSL signs to help people communicate with Deaf people they know and those they may meet or work with in the future.

The series screens on Channel North (Ch 35 on digital) at 8pm each Thursday and programmes are repeated the following Sunday at 1pm.

Episodes that have already been aired are available at http://www.tiaho.org.nz/tools/resource/sign-high-a-northland-tv-series

See the December 2016 article in the Northern Advocate newspaper.

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