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The Attitude Group has put together a series of videos aimed at 16-25 year olds that reveal the mysteries and everyday facts of life, society and civic participation.


Attitude has produced an NZSL video toolkit in collaboration with Deaf Aotearoa
Attitude has produced a NZSL Toolbox of videos in collaboration with Deaf Aotearoa and with funding from the NZSL Board

 The NZSL Toolbox has been a collaboration with Deaf Aotearoa, with funding from the NZSL Board, and includes a series of video 'tools' to help 16-25 year olds navigate life. The videos feature NZSL and subtitles, and are generally split screen (see image), and so are useful to Deaf and non-Deaf alike.

The NZSL Toolbox is available here -

The project is nearing completion and all those involved are proud of the final product. Casually referred to by the team as “stuff you should know in NZSL”, documentary titles include “Making it on the Marae,” “Gone Flatting” and “Taking the Wheel” - step by step advice on getting your driver’s licence.

Tanya Black, GM of Partnerships at The Attitude Group, says, “creating scripted information based films has been a challenge. From the initial research and consultation, finding presenters and scripting the project has been a steep learning curve.

“We wanted something that was dynamic and engaged a young 'digital-native' audience, while giving clear and accurate presentation of NZSL so that native users and those new to the language were catered for.  In the end, we took inspiration from other Deaf film-makers and used a split screen approach.

“Deaf Aotearoa assisted in an extensive audition process to find the four different presenters for the ten videos.  Not all were professionals but we feel they are relatable, fresh faces that represent the diversity of the Deaf community.

“Our digital strategy is heavily invested in a two-way communication with our audience and we see the “Toolbox” as a 'living' resource.  The way the films are displayed on-line will offer links to further information and invite comments from the Deaf community. Viewers can suggest further ‘tips’ for successful living and recommend further subjects to lift the veil on.”

The videos are available on AttitudeLive’s internationally award-winning web platform, with the most up-to-date accessibility features accompanied by links to useful information that can deepen the viewer’s knowledge and facilitate the next steps to living inclusively and independently. For example, the "Winging It at the Airport" video is accompanied by links to free travel apps, and information about applying/renewing passports etc. The videos can also be viewed on Attitude's YouTube channel .


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