NZSL Fund: Celebrating the multicultural Deaf of NZ through recipes

Using NZSL funding, the Deaf Wellbeing Society expanded on the weekly NZSL recipes they post online by celebrating the Deaf multicultural community through culturally significant recipes and food.

The Deaf Wellbeing Society reached out to the Deaf community and found those who came from a different cultural background. Then they talked with each person about their culture and special meals or recipes from their childhood.  Videos were filmed featuring the people and a Deaf presenter cooking these dishes together. The NZSL recipes were posted on the Deaf Wellbeing Society Facebook page , website, Deaf Aotearoa’s newsletter, the Deaf Wellbeing Society newsletter and on YouTube.

A total of 50 recipes were filmed in NZSL during the project time. 24 films were cultural recipes with co-presenters, made with 15 different Deaf volunteers.

“It was a privilege to be involved with these amazing co-presenters and to share their recipes and culture with them.

The wonderful thing about our project is that the NZSL recipes keep getting viewed and commented on months and years after we post them,” says Yolanda Sutton from the Deaf Wellbeing Society .

The views from the multicultural recipes always are high. They range from 7 thousand to 2.5 thousand and they keep increasing.

The NZSL cultural recipes have provided much entertainment, education, and conversations in the NZSL community. 

View some of the videos below. 

Anthony and Natasha

Original French Crepes

Barbara and Natasha

German zuchini pancakes

Gnoh and Natasha

Singapore steamed fish 

Dorothy and Natasha

Dim sum

Ava and Natasha

Hungarian stuffed cabbage rolls 

Susan and Natasha


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