Implementation and monitoring

Reflecting the codesign approach of the Plan, the scope of new actions are developed through negotiations involving Disabled People’s Organisations and government agencies

This includes input from other stakeholders as required. The scoping process allows for more detailed planning on what can be achieved within a timeframe and resources available. It also identifies sources of information and other stakeholders that could be involved.

Depending on the requirements of an action, a reference or advisory group may be established to provide ongoing support and advice in the action implementation.

An important part of the scoping process is the identification of milestones. These form the basis for ongoing reporting of implementation.

Action implementation only begins after the scope[1] has been approved by a governance meeting.

The Office for Disability Issues coordinates an overall progress report on the Plan, based on information provided by action leads. The report is provided to each governance meeting.

In 2016, the Office for Disability Issues will improve the information available on the Plan’s actions and reporting.

The Minister for Disability Issues also includes implementation progress in their annual report to Parliament. Tags

[1] Approved scoping templates for new actions in the initial Plan are available at:


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