Shared result: Transform the disability support system

This shared result focuses on ensuring effective engagement with disabled people and coordination across sectors and across agencies to focus on outcomes and maximum progress from available resources.

The result recognises obligations in the CRPD, particularly Articles 19, 20 and 26.

4. Priority: Promote disabled people having choice and control over their supports/services, and make more efficient use of disability support funding

a) DPOs advise and work with government agencies and the National Enabling Good Lives Leadership Group to support changes to the disability support system, including learning from the Enabling Good Lives approach (particularly its demonstrations) and other initiatives. Key principles of this work are being culturally responsive, strengths based, holistic, involve whānau (whānau ora principles), and an integrated approach. Lead: Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education.

b) A good start in life: Develop policy options to improve government supports for parents, family and whānau of disabled children aged 0-6 years. Lead: Ministry of Education.

5. Priority: Promote the involvement of Disabled People’s Organisations in the design and monitoring of the disability support system transformation

a) DPOs and government working together - joint work programme on involving DPOs in decisions that affect disabled people agreed by the Chief Executives’ Group on Disability Issues and Independent Monitors on 21 August 2013. Lead: Office for Disability Issues and DPOs.

b) Improve DPO capability (individually and collectively) to engage with government agencies and their wider community, and consider representation of different population groups in DPOs. Lead: Office for Disability Issues and DPOs.

6. Priority: Increase the capability of disability support service providers to be of service to disabled people

a) Develop and implement effective ways for disabled people and DPOs to provide feedback (both qualitative and quantitative) safely about the quality of services and support and to monitor, evaluate, and scrutinise and make providers accountable to funders for achieving outcomes. Lead: Ministry of Health.

b) Ensure providers are responsive to disabled people and provide choice and tailoring of services. Explore how provider performance should be assessed, including through accreditation, provider performance measurement, and contract monitoring systems.
Lead: Ministry of Health.

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