The Minister for Disability Issues, together with disabled people, their organisations, and the disability sector developed the New Zealand Disability Strategy in 2001. The Strategy sets out a vision of a non-disabling society and 15 objectives to achieve that vision.

In 2009, the Government established a Ministerial Committee on Disability Issues. The Minister for Disability Issues leads this group, which is made up of other Government Ministers with Portfolio responsibilities that directly impact on the lives of disabled people. The Ministerial Committee provides leadership and accountability for implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the New Zealand Disability Strategy. Three key areas were identified to form the basis for the Disability Action Plan, which sets high level priorities for action by government agencies.

The Disability Action Plan 2012–2014 has three focus areas:

  1. Enabling Good Lives: a more flexible and responsive support system
  2. Employment: increase the number of disabled people in paid employment
  3. Rebuild Christchurch: the rebuilt city is more inclusive of disabled people.

The Minister for Disability Issues reports annually to Parliament on progress in implementing the New Zealand Disability Strategy. The Annual Progress Report for 2013 begins by looking at Government achievements in the three focus areas of the Disability Action Plan. It also makes links with the related objectives of the Disability Strategy. The second part of the Progress Report focuses on other key actions that implement the Disability Strategy.

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