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Impossible Things - an art exhibition by Sonja Howard

"I want to highlight the preciousness of ordinary creatures, and inspire people to look closer at what they deem “Impossible”. I also hope that my exhibition is a message to those who are different, and those who face challenges that others may not understand. "

Join us for a COVID-19 kōrero on 15 December

Join the Minister for Disability Issues ,the Office for Disability Issues, Tōfa Mamao Collective, Doctor Huana Hickey and the Ministry of Health for an information session via Zoom.

Illegally Blind - accessible theatre in action

"Susan is a perfectly normal queer, fat, functionally blind, Autistic, chronically and mentally ill, nonbinary person, who just happens to be collecting diagnoses faster than they collect eel facts." We spoke to Susan about their show opening at Bats Theatre