Reports from Convention Coalition

On this page you can access reports produced by the Convention Coalition Monitoring Group.

2015 - Participation and poverty

2015 - Acceptance and society

2013 - Media

2012 - Disability rights in Aotearoa NZ

2010 - Disability rights in Aotearoa NZ

The Article 33 New Zealand Convention Coalition Monitoring Group (also called the “Convention Coalition”) is a group of 8 Disabled People’s Organisations.

The members are:

  • Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand Incorporated
  • Balance NZ
  • Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand Incorporated
  • Deafblind (NZ) Incorporated
  • Disabled Persons Assembly (New Zealand) Inc
  • Ngā Hau e Whā
  • Ngāti Kāpo o Aotearoa Incorporated
  • People First New Zealand Incorporated —Nga Tangata Tuatahi.

All of these organisations are governed by disabled people. They work together to monitor how New Zealand is implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. As monitors of the Convention, they collect information to see how well the Convention is being implemented and if it is making a difference to the everyday lives of disabled people.

The Convention Coalition is part of of the Independent Monitoring Mechanism under the Convention. It consists of three equal partners in monitoring: Human Rights Commission, Office of the Ombudsman, and the Convention Coalition.

The Independent Monitoring Mechanism has produced joint monitoring reports.

Read the joint monitoring reports

2015 - Participation and poverty

Word version [DOCX, 144 KB]

Large print, Word

2015 - Acceptance and society

Word version [DOCX, 142 KB]

Large print, Word [DOC, 205 KB]

2013 - Media

Word version [DOCX, 340 KB]

PDF version [PDF, 809 KB]

Large print, Word [DOCX, 343 KB]

Large print, PDF [PDF, 896 KB]

2012 - Disability rights in Aotearoa NZ

Word version [DOC, 761 KB]

PDF version

Large print, PDF

Large print, Word [DOC, 789 KB]

Easy read, PDF [PDF, 3.3 MB]

Easy read, Word [DOC, 3.7 MB]

2010 - Disability rights in Aotearoa NZ

Word version [DOC, 617 KB]

PDF version [PDF, 870 KB]

Easy read, PDF [PDF, 3.6 MB]

Easy read, Word [DOC, 3.2 MB]

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