Action - Understand the journey through the justice sector

The action outlined below will help achieve this outcome. This work was started under the existing Disability Action Plan. 

9. Priority: Increase government services’ responsiveness to disabled people

9 B: Understand the journey through the justice sector for disabled adults, disabled children and their families.

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Progress update to September 2018

Status: Major risks to achieving milestones - Red

The scope of this action was not clearly understood or agreed when it was added to the action plan. However, progress has been made towards understanding the interactions of disabled people with the justice system. The Ministry of Justice has developed a major new survey – the NZ Crime and Victims Survey – which includes questions designed to identify people with disabilities. This will for the first time provide detailed data on disabled people’s experiences of crime in NZ. The 2019 NZ Crime and Victims Survey will also include a one-off module on Social Wellbeing and Institutional Trust which will ask people how they have interacted with the various parts of the justice system, how positive their interaction was, whether they were treated fairly, etc. It will be possible to report on how these measures vary by disability status, and detailed results should be available in March 2020.


Lead: TBD

DPOs contact: Kāpo Māori & Disabled Persons Assembly

Scope of action

Scope to be developed. 

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