System Transformation Monthly Update - July 2018

The directors of the two teams for the new disability support system in MidCentral have been appointed and and are busy in their new roles as they get ready for the launch on 1 October, 2018.

The new directors are Lorna Sullivan and Marshall Te Tau. Both Lorna and Marshall have extensive careers in the disability sector and are passionate about supporting disabled people and whānau. Together they will be a real asset in transforming the disability support system and will be valuable developing the work happening in MidCentral.

Lorna has a long relationship with the Enabling Good Lives approach, as she was the chair of the working group that put together the original vision and principles. Since then Lorna has spent the last five years leading change within United Care Queensland as they transitioned to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Marshall has been involved in the disability sector for many years having held a number of roles with providers, most recently with Health Vision. He’s also been a member of the Regional Leadership Group in MidCentral leading many of the conversations about getting ready for the changes in MidCentral.  

The team has also been focusing this month on with recruiting people for both teams within the MidCentral prototype, developing business processes and continuing work on Cabinet papers.

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