Survey - "How life is going for the disability community"

You are invited to participate in a weekly survey on the issues and risks being experienced by disabled people in the COVID-19 environment.

We have made several changes to the survey in response to feedback, including shortening it and splitting it into separate versions for different groups. Please choose the version right for you.

Why is the survey important and who will participate

As we continue in Level 3 COVID-19 and beyond, it is important to understand the issues associated with the COVID-19 emergency being experienced by disabled people and their whānau/families.

It is also important to hear from service providers and others in the disability sector. This will help us understand which issues require more work. It will also help us understand which issues are being managed effectively and the progress being made.

This is a weekly survey

Each week we will close the survey, analyse the results, and report them to government agencies, disability organisations and the Minister for Disability Issues. The survey will then be repeated the next week. We hope you will do the survey again. The survey may be repeated less frequently over time.

We want to understand where progress is being made and where more action is required. 

What is covered in the survey

Questions in this survey cover different topics, including information, safety, and how you are going. Some of these questions may bring up difficult feelings or thoughts, so we have provided links to information about these issues at the end of the survey.

If you are having trouble with the survey links please contact

Privacy and confidentiality

Your results will be treated in confidence. As we report the information, consistent with the Privacy Act, we will make sure no one person or their information is able to be identified. You may choose not to provide your name or organisation.

If you would like to hear about the results of the survey please provide us with your contact information.

Please follow the link to begin the survey dated Wednesday 6 May:

Thank you to the Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO) Coalition; IHC Advocacy; CCS Disability Action; the New Zealand Disability Network (NZDSN) and government officials who have worked quickly to provide feedback on the survey’s development.

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