National Local Authority Survey on Accessibility – now live until Friday 6 December

In this survey we are asking Local Authorities how well they feel their policies and practices are currently meeting the needs of people with disabilities. From this, we aim to gain an understanding of where accessibility is currently at across New Zealand.


The survey will help us build a national picture of what is working well in regards to accessibility at a local level, as well as where the gaps are for improvement. This is important, as disabled people report that local government has a greater impact on their daily lives than central government. Survey questions will therefore ask about what is working well, what the barriers to progress are and what could make it easier to move faster.

This survey was provided to all local authority Chief Executives on Monday 18 November and will be open for three weeks until Friday 6 December. The Chief Executives have been asked to include the perspectives of elected officials and their local disability communities.

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