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Accessibility Plan User Guide: consultation by BarrierFree NZ

Barrier Free has been contracted by MBIE to write the Accessibility Plan User Guide and to consult broadly on the format and content proposed in the guide. The ODI is encouraging disabled people to have their say.

The first draft of the report has been written and provided to MBIE. The consultation on this draft will continue throughout July and into August. The final draft is expected to be with MBIE in end September.

MBIE is keen to hear ideas about how to ensure the guidance is widely understood and implemented. 

The Office for Disability Issues has been involved in developing this work, as part of its commitment under item 10B of the Disability Action Plan.

Consultations are taking a variety of forms; presentations, workshops and seeking individual written and verbal feedback direct to Barrier Free.

The Accessibility Plan User Guide recognises that corrective action on code compliance of access requirements can be costly and expensive. The user guide provides a pathway to sound decision making on matters of accessibility in design, construction, consent and in educating these sectors. The guide will benefit those who, in their professional capacity, influence accessibility provision of public buildings and spaces.

The User Guide is written on the premise that:

• Buildings are for people and should work well for the users/customers and clients and deliver a positive user experience

• Ensuring independent and adequate access for people to public buildings is not complex and the avoidance of barriers to accessibility can be achieved through thoughtful design

• It is more effective to focus on what is required to achieve universal accessibility of a public building rather than what cannot be provided

• If a public space is usable by all people, it will be accessible for both people with disabilities and the increasing ageing population.

Follow these links to access the consultation documents:

The draft executive summaryv1 30 June 2018 [PDF, 451 KB]

The draft executive summaryv1 30 June 2018 (.doc for screenreaders) [DOC, 47 KB]

Copy of Activity Design Resource 30 June 2018 [XLSX, 197 KB]

Barrier Free appreciates your feedback and ideas for future work.

Please respond by:

1. Email direct to Barrier Free – 

2. If you wish to provide verbal feedback – Lorraine Guthrie 021 029 16314, or

3. If your group would like us to present to you and seek feedback in person or join an already existing workshop/presentation, please contact Lorraine Guthrie in either of the ways above.


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