Sonia Pivac to leave her role supporting the NZSL Board

Sonia Pivac has confirmed that she will be leaving her role as Senior Advisor in the Office for Disability Issues (supporting the New Zealand Sign Language Board) effective from 29 June 2018.

Sonia has worked hard in her role and has brought a depth of understanding and commitment to the NZSL programme that will be difficult to replace. 

Sonia’s passion for sign language and Deaf rights remains and her skills and dedication will no doubt continue to benefit the Deaf community in future roles and opportunities.

The Senior Advisor role has been somewhat of a pioneering position as it is only a few years ago that the NZSL Board was formed and the Senior Advisor role was established.

The Office for Disability Issues will work with the NZSL Board and MSD to ensure, based on current and future needs of the Board, that the Board is well supported in its work.

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