Review of NZSL Board Action Plan and development of a Strategic Plan

The NZSL Board is undertaking an annual review of its three-year Action Plan (2016-2018), which outlines the projects being carried out in partnership with agencies and organisations to promote and maintain NZSL.

The NZSL Board has been in operation since 2015 and during this time lessons have been learned by its members, and potentially by key government agencies too. The NZSL Board wants to ensure that it is working in ways and using the resources it has available, including $1.25 million per annum from the NZSL Fund, as effectively as possible. A review of the Action Plan provides an opportunity for the NZSL Board and government agencies to jointly review how they are working together to identify, implement and report on both the NZSL Board's and each agency's NZSL strategic priorities.

The NZSL Board will also revise the Action Plan into a five-year Strategic Plan to strengthen the Board's ability to undertake comprehensive and rigorous planning, and to ensure that the work is informed by international and local language planning research. The review will include working with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Development and the Office for Disability Issues to discuss NZSL planning and reporting processes and reach agreement on the revised Plan. The NZSL Board is working towards finalising the Strategic Plan and submitting it to the Minister for Disability Issues for approval by end of 2017.

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