Promoting NZSL and our three priorities - attitude, acquisition and use/access

The NZSL Board's new approach splits the work into three priorities – Attitude, Acquisition, and Use/Access.


The NZSL Week contract is for three years, and that three years is coming to an end which means this provided the NZSL Board an opportunity to reflect on how NZSL could be promoted on an ongoing basis to hearing people with no knowledge of NZSL.

The Board makes its decisions based on the NZSL Strategy and the new approach splits the past work into three priorities – Attitude, Acquisition, and Use/Access. 

The tender process takes time so for 2023, Deaf Aotearoa were offered a one-year contract to promote NZSL during NZSL Week. The new three-year contract will be for 2024-2026.

The NZSL Board acknowledges Deaf Aotearoa’s good work in delivering NZSL Week annually since 2007.

Promoting NZSL - Attitude

  • We have put up a Request for Proposals to ‘Promote NZSL’ for the 2024-2026 period.
  • You may have noticed we are not requesting proposals for NZSL Week.
  • The Board decided to consider a range of options to promote NZSL – they would like to see exciting proposals on how organisations can promote NZSL – they don’t have to be limited to one week, it can be one month, or even across the year.
  • This process is done through a proper government process called procurement. Procurement makes sure that everything is followed the right way, and is fair and transparent so that funding goes to those best placed to implement activities successfully.
  • You can have a look at the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) website  to get the full information about what we are looking for in the proposals.
  • You will notice this is only about promoting NZSL.  The tender does not include taster classes or community events.

Learning NZSL - Acquisition

  • The Board want to see people learn NZSL on an ongoing basis and not limited to a taster class. This falls under ‘Acquisition’ in the NZSL Strategy.
  • In June 2022, a request for proposals went out for a teaching NZSL contract to deliver NZSL classes to people across Aotearoa.
  • In August, ODI announced that Merge NZ will deliver the contract.
  • This means any adult who wants to, will have an opportunity to learn NZSL for free.
  • This contract offers a variety of learning experiences including online learning, in class learning, and in immersion settings.

Community Events – Acquisition and Use/Access

  • Just because community events are not part of the promoting NZSL contract, it doesnt mean they should stop.
  • In fact, we enourage you to apply for a community grant from the NZSL Board to organise community events!
  • Community events don’t have to be limited to NZSL Week – they can be any time through the year. It is important that your application progresses the NZSL Strategy.  
  • Our community grants will normally be open around March-April every year and the successful applicants will receive the funds July 1st so you can carry out your work any time from July 1-June 30.

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