NZSL Week 8-14 May 2017

The NZSL Board is a proud sponsor of this year’s NZSL Week, which celebrates one of New Zealand’s official languages. The week raises awareness of New Zealand’s Deaf community and provides a platform for Deaf people to proudly promote their language and culture.
New Zealand Sign Language Week logo
New Zealand Sign Language Week logo

NZSL Week is always a busy and exciting time and this year is no different. Hundreds of free NZSL Taster Classes and dozens of events are being held all over New Zealand, with exciting and engaging resources always available online. This year, schools have been able to register to receive a NZSL Taster Class any time during Term Two. Businesses, organisations and other groups have also been able to register for NZSL Taster Classes also.  

The NZSL Board has contributed $300,000 ($100,000 NZSL taster classes, $20,000 resources; $100,000 advertising; television commercial production; $25,000 administration; $5,000 website; $25,000 regional events; $15,000 media) towards this year’s NZSL Week to support the promotion of NZSL Week, the provision of NZSL Taster Classes and other NZSL activities across New Zealand.

For further information on NZSL Week, please visit the NZSL Week website

If you'd like information on how to learn NZSL throughout the year, or at your home and at your own pace, go to these websites for further information and resources:


Join the Speaker of the House, Rt Hon David Carter, as he celebrates NZSL Week at Parliament. From Question Time to Select Committee meetings, find out about NZSL's place in Parliament as one of New Zealand's three languages.

"Have a good sign language week" says Minister Wagner. NZSL is an official language, and why not use it everyday. This week is an opportunity to learn more and understand the relevance of NZSL to our country.


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