Develop NZSL Level Two Learning Outcomes

You are invited to quote for a contract for services to develop learning outcomes for a NZSL Level Two curriculum (Level Two) for adult community education.


The Office for Disability Issues (ODI), on behalf of the NZSL Board, is pleased to distribute a notice of a two and half month contract opportunity, starting 16 February 2018 to 30 April 2018.

This is a Request For Quote (RFQ) where you are invited to quote for a contract for services to develop learning outcomes for a NZSL Level Two curriculum (Level Two) for adult community education, which will build on the current NZSL Level One curriculum (Level One). The Level Two learning outcomes framework will be used to develop a Level Two curriculum. The Level Two curriculum which will assist NZSL tutors to deliver approximately one year of NZSL Level Two teaching and learning (equivalent to approximately sixty hours of NZSL tuition) in community education settings. 

The Level Two learning outcomes framework developed will cover teaching content, vocabulary, grammar, phases and cultural information. The work is expected to be guided by an advisory group and data collated from NZSL tutors across New Zealand and sign language curriculum research.

Please note this project will not cover the development of the actual Level Two curriculum teaching and learning resources. This will be developed via a separate RFQ in February 2018.

Information is also required to be collated on what teaching and learning resources NZSL teachers require to better support their teaching of the Level One curriculum.

Information is also required to be obtained on how Level One, primarily Units 1 to 3, could be adapted to support the learning of NZSL in Māori/Te Reo settings.

The work from this project will be used to inform further NZSL curriculum projects.  


Since 2016, NZSL teachers have had access to a comprehensive NZSL Level One curriculum to teach NZSL to adults in community education settings throughout New Zealand. This resource, available online at TeachSign ( ), can be adapted to meet learning needs of NZSL learners. There are nine (9) units complete with PowerPoint files, 150+ activity sheets, drawings and more. The curriculum and resources are available to NZSLTA members, 24/7 at TeachSign. 

NZSL curricula and resources for TeachSign at Levels Two and Three are not available.

Developing a NZSL Level Two Curriculum to support adult NZSL learners across New Zealand is the next step towards strengthening and growing a national professional NZSL teaching system as part of the NZSL Board’s planning priorities.

The NZSL Board recognises the importance of having NZSL teachers being supported to deliver quality NZSL teaching to hearing adults (families/whānau of Deaf children) and professionals working with Deaf children and adults, and with the growing demand on NZSL learning, the NZSL Board and the Office for Disability Issues in the coming years, will focus on progressing the following strategic areas: curriculum, resources, professional development and national systems designed to support the teaching of NZSL. This RFQ focuses on the first of the four strategic areas identified.  

We are looking for a contractor with the following skills, knowledge and experience:

  • In-depth knowledge of developing curriculum, teaching materials, resources and teaching sign language
  • NZSL teaching industry knowledge and networks
  • Strong communication skills/fluent in NZSL
  • Analytical research skills and report writing
  • Solid project management skills including experience in managing team members

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please email to receive RFQ documentation available from 16 January 2018. The deadline for quotes is 7 February 2018, 9.00am. Questions are welcomed, either via email or in NZSL via

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