Use of regulations for NZSL in legal proceedings

Section 13 of the NZSL Act allows for regulations for all or any of the following purposes:
  • prescribing the standards of competency that a person who is to act in legal proceedings as an interpreter of NZSL must attain
  • providing for any other matters contemplated by the NZSL Act or necessary for its administration, or necessary for giving it full effect.

52. Regulations for NZSL interpreter standards in legal proceedings or in any other matters have not been made to date.

53. Two submitters argued that regulations are needed to ensure that qualified interpreters are used (Submissions 12, 21). Others sought more qualified interpreters but not necessarily through the use of regulations.

54. The Ministry of Justice, having specified interpreter standards to be used in the courts and tribunals for which it is responsible, sees no need to formalise these by regulation. The review endorses this position. Regulations can be inflexible and have limited responsiveness. Other options, such as departmental directions, seem more appropriate in this situation.

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