NZSL Act Review 2011 - What is going to happen next?

The Government agreed to look at the things the review said should be done to improve how the NZSL Act works. It decided that the Ministerial Committee on Disability Issues will be responsible for making sure things are done.

The Ministerial Committee is chaired by the Minister for Disability Issues. It is made up of Ministers from different areas of government.  In 2012, the Ministerial Committee will talk about what can be done to improve how the NZSL Act works.

The Minister for Disability Issues writes a report each year on things that the government has done to help disabled people. The Minister has to give a copy of this report to Parliament and make it public.

In this report, the Minister can write about what’s been done on the things that the Ministerial Committee agrees to do to improve the NZSL Act. Deaf people can find out what’s happening by reading the Minister’s report.

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