Outcome 1 - Resources and Guidance

Below are some of the resources, including financial resources, available to support the implementaion of Outcome 1 - Education.

Inclusive Education – guide for schools

The Inclusive Education website provides New Zealand educators with practical strategies, suggestions and resources to support the diverse needs of all learners.

Special Education Online

Special Education Online (SEOnline) supports school and early childhood educators who work with children and young people with special education needs.

New Zealand Curriculum Online

This Ministry of Education website has a section on inclusive practices that supports teachers to adapt and differentiate the curriculum.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has an extensive list of resources on its website, including information on the support and services available, as well as an email address and a phone number to request further information.

Financial Resources

The government funds a range of services and supports for educating children with additional support needs. This includes funds going both directly to schools, and early childhood education centres, and the Ministry of Education. For example, in the last financial year (2016/2017) this funding totalled an estimated $632 million.

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