Part Two: Consultations

This is the Office's email update of 15 December 2010.

05: Welfare Working Group.

The Welfare Working Group has produced an options paper on a wide range of topics about New Zealand's benefit system. They are seeking public input about these options and comments will be considered in the development of the final recommendations to government. You can comment up to 24 December 2010, by making an online or general submission or participate in a discussion forum.

06: The New Zealand Historic Places Trust – Guidelines for Accessibility.

The New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT) has released guidelines on "Providing for Accessibility in Heritage Places".

This guide focuses on providing links to other guidance sources, updating legislative provisions and providing a guidance framework for the assessment of proposed access related work involving heritage buildings. Comments and feedback can be provided to the NZHPT about this research paper. Submissions close on 28 February 2011.

07: Survey on Transition to Adult Health Services for Young Disabled People.

The New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders (NZORD) is assisting with publicity about a survey being conducted by Dr Rosemary Marks, a developmental paediatrician at Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, on transition to adult services. She is interested in the views and experiences of parents of young people with significant disability, who need or are likely to need specialist medical care (that is, more than a GP can offer) after leaving paediatric care. Dr Marks has prepared two questionnaires for parents (or caregivers who have primary responsibility for a young person's care) to complete.

Adult transition survey: parent whose child is 12-18 (that is up to eighteenth


Adult transition survey: parent: >18 years: