Emergency preparedness and responsiveness

Preparing and responding to emergencies need to be inclusive of everyone, including recognising disabled people. You can find out what’s happening in New Zealand to improve emergency preparedness around the country and resources relating to disabled people.

Symposium on disability-inclusive emergency preparedness and response: Learning from the Canterbury earthquakes (May 2012)

In 2012, the Office for Disability Issues worked with the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management and NGOs to learn from disabled people’s experiences of the Canterbury earthquakes. A symposium was held in Christchurch on 28 and 29 May 2012 to identify what needs to be done to improve the emergency preparation and response for disabled people in future emergencies in New Zealand. You can read more about the programme, presentations, and record of key themes and proceedings.

New Zealand’s emergency preparedness and responsiveness

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management role is to:

  • provide strategic policy advice on New Zealand’s capability to manage and be resilient to the social and economic costs of disasters
  • ensure the establishment of structures to provide the capability to manage and respond to disasters in New Zealand
  • provide support to sector stakeholders in their delivery of civil defence emergency management
  • ensure a co-ordinated approach, at both national and community level to planning for reduction, readiness, response, and recovery;
  • manage central government response and recovery functions for large scale events that are beyond the capacity of local authorities.