Who we work with

The Office for Disability Issues works closely with government agencies, the disability sector and other organisations who want to learn more about, and make the best decisions on things that are important to disabled people.

Government agencies

We work with central government agencies including:

We will also be developing relationships with local government through the New Zealand Disability Strategy.

Disability sector

An area of strength for the disability community and sector is that it is diverse, with a range of perspectives. This includes different experiences, areas of expertise and representation (either being representative of a particular group or more formally representing an organisation/group) and advocacy. This is sometimes referred to as wearing many different 'hats'.

It is important to the Office for Disability Issues that we work a range of different organisations in the disability sector. This includes:

  • Umbrella provider groups
  • Consumer advocacy groups
  • Service provider groups
  • Groups representing the interest of parents and families

We have a particular relationship with Disabled People's Organisations (DPO) as the representative voice of disabled people. Find more information about DPOs.

Other organisations

The Office for Disability Issues works with other organisations that have a focus on or are committed to the rights of disabled people. This includes the Human Rights Commission, Office of the Ombudsman and Health and Disability Commission. We will also be developing other relationships through the New Zealand Disability Strategy.

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